Privacy Policy

KLM is committed to compliance with local data protection and privacy legislation in all jurisdictions in which it operates. We will use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that all information held by KLM is gathered, processed, used, disclosed and disposed of in accordance with such legislation.

KLM recognizes the responsibility it has to all its employees, customers and suppliers, to maintain the highest standards of integrity and efficiency when handling personal data. We recognise that applying such standards is important to those whose data we handle, the successful operation of our business and contributes to maintaining confidence in KLM, its practices and procedures. A key building block of personal data protection and privacy legislation is using data relating to employees, customers and suppliers for the purpose or purposes of which they are aware and would reasonably expect. It is this building block which underpins the following principles and commitments to which KLM adheres.
KLM will collect personal information in a fair and lawful manner, and not in an unreasonably intrusive way.

Use and Disclosure
KLM will generally collect personal information for the primary purposes of:
– maintaining customer records
– Delivery
– Supply of goods and services
– Account keeping
– invoicing
– Debt collection
– locating and/or retrieving KLM equipment and gas containers
– Credit reference checks
– Credit listing

Data Quality
KLM will take reasonable steps to ensure that information collected on its customers is accurate, complete and up-to-date. If KLM is made aware of an error or change in a person’s personal information, then it will use its reasonable endeavours to correct such errors within 30 days of being notified of the error.

Data Security
KLM will ensure that personal information that KLM holds is stored in a secure environment that can only be accessed, modified and disclosed by authorised parties with the knowledge of KLM.

Openness, Access and Correction
This privacy policy is available on KLM’s website or on request from KLM by calling our Office on 07 5493 0493.

Upon request, KLM will provide an individual with access to or advice on the personal information held on that person by KLM. A fee may be charged for providing access, although no fee is payable upon application.

Access will not be provided when a request is frivolous or vexatious, or when access is not required by law to be provided by KLM. If you wish to request access please call our Office 07 5493 0493

Sensitive Information
It is unlikely that KLM will collect any sensitive information about an individual. If however, any sensitive information is required, it will be collected and used in accordance with the applicable law.

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